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Telephone Information Numbers in New York

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Getting telephone numbers
From payphones and cellular phones ?, there is no charge for "telephone information". Simply dial 411, or 555-1212, or 1 plus area code + 555-1212. You will need to know the last (family) name of the person or name of the business you are calling plus the street address and location (e.g. Manhattan or city/town).

From all other phones, (in offices and in homes which should have phone books), there is usually a significant charge ($0.75) for "telephone information" which is billed to your telephone. Simply dial 411, of 555-1212, or 1 plus area code + 555-1212. You may hear a recording offering to dial the number directly for an extra charge ($0.40).

TYPNote: Sometimes the operator will say "at the request of the customer, this phone number is unlisted." Operators can not legally give out these "unlisted" phone numbers. If there is a very serious emergency, ask the operator to call the individual you need to reach and tell them of the emergency and give your phone number. Then the individual can call you back, if they want to speak with you.

Toll-Free Numbers: 1-800 and 1-888
You can call many numbers in the USA without charge. These are called "1-800" numbers. Some work only from outside of local area. Some work even within the city.
There are two "toll-free" prefixes now: 1-800 and 1-888. Soon a third toll-free number will be added "1-788".

Cheaper Long Distance Rates
Before you make a phone call, there are some numbers that you can enter first to have possible lower long distance rates, if you have to make a lot of interstate calls. Three of these numbers are 10-10-220, 10-10-345, & 10-10-321. Basically, you would dial "10-10-220" then add the area or country code & then the phone number you wish to reach. 10-10-321 offers 50% off most rates on interstate & international calls over 10 min. 10-10-220 says they charge you only $0.99 for calls up to 20 min. When you use these numbers, you don't need to change long distance companies & there is no service charge for the use of the numbers. You will recieve a bill in the mail for using these numbers. For more information, check their websites:

TYPNote: Caution, what may seem like inexpensive rates can actually be expensive because of the way the charges are calculated. 10-10-220, for example, charges only $0.99 for a 20-minute call. However, if you only speak for 30 seconds, you still pay $0.99. So, if you usually make long calles, this service is for you. If you make shorter calls, another service might be better.
Another option for low long distance rates is the use of pre-paid calling cards or pre paid services. Here you pay in advance and are then given an access number to dial before you dial the number you want. You can find these services by searching on the internet. If you call to a foreign country a great deal, you can find companies that specialize in calls for a particular area. You will often see advertisements for calling cards at news stands, or convenience stores. There are calling cards to long distance calls and for local calls, so be certain you are buying what you want.

1-900 Charged to Caller
TYPWarning on "1-900" numbers:
Any "1-900" number that you call will have an extra charge billed to the phone from which you are calling. Popular "1-900" are horoscopes and "erotic" phone talk. The charges are on a per minute basis.
Some "1-900" numbers can provide real advice and assistance and are well worth the charge. For example, technical assistance on computers or veterinary advice.

Telephone Information Numbers in New York

Hotel Reservations Network

Tel 800-964-6835
Fax: 214-361-7299; Website: hoteldiscount.com

Free Information in English (1 listings total)

NY Knicks Fan Line

Tel 212-465-5867
Fax: 212-465-6498; Website: nyknicks.com

Paid Information in English (1 listings total)

Bargain Hotline

Tel 212-540-0123

Other Information Numbers (2 listings total)

Boohi Line, The

The Buddhist Information Line.
Tel 212-677-9354
Subscriber Info: 212-715-6883

Local Time

Local time
Tel 212-976-1616