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Information Sources & Services for New York

Updated Oct 05 2014 04:43 PM EST with 6 listings

New York suffers from "information overload." Throughout TYP, we guide the reader to further references and Internet sites. Here are some of the better information sources for business executives. See the following related categories:

Information Sources & Services for New York


810 Seventh Ave., Midtown NY 10019 Tel 212-484-1227
Fax: 212-484-1249; Website: nycvisit.com

Bloomberg L.P.

499 Park Ave., Midtown NY 10022 Tel 212-318-2000
Fax: 212-980-4585; Website: bloomberg.com

Moody's Investors Service

Moody's ratings. Objective rating service.
99 Church St., Financial District NY 10007 Tel 212-553-1658
Website: moodys.com

Reuters America - East Village

First Ave., East Village NY 10017 Tel 212-355-7424

Reuters America - Midtown

1700 Broadway, Midtown NY 10019 Tel 212-603-3300
Website: reuters.com

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Provides medical information services for information managers, students, clinicians, and researchers around the globe.
Website: ovid.com