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Ambulance Services in New York

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Ambulance services or related emergency care services including ER ground transportation, critical care medical flights and other paramedic services.

Emergency Medical Service

The city ambulance service is called EMS in New York and is very good, with services provided by skilled Emergency Medical Technicians. They know how to handle most situations. There is a fee for the assistance.

To get an ambulance    call 911.
When you call 911, the operator will ask you to describe the emergency so he/she can dispatch the appropriate assistance, i.e., ambulance, police, and/or fire fighters. Know the address where you are calling from-this will make getting help easier. For help in figuring out cross streets and avenues, see Addresses and Finding Your Way in New York.
The operator will dispatch the closest possible unit to assist you. If necessary, they will take you to the nearest hospital.

Non-emergency ambulance service

Aside from EMS, there are private and hospital ambulance services in New York that you can use for transport in non-emergency situations. They are staffed by trained personnel. There is a charge for these ambulances. Rural-Metro listed below, charges $315 for a one-way drop-off.

  • Rural-Metro Ambulance Service (formerly Keene & Keene)...........212-988-8800

The following "ambulette" services don't offer life assistance. They are simply a means of transporting you to a clinic or doctor's office.

  • Majestic Transportation Corp.
    1 W. 125th St., NY, NY 10027.............212-410-2227
  • Tripway Services Ltd.
    551 Grand St., NY, NY 10002.............212-777-1277
Ambulance Services in New York