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Emergencies, What To Do, Whom To Call in New York

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The 911 Emergency Number

The 911 number is the "Emergency Dispatch Center". Although they can tell your approximate address from the telephone on which you are calling, you should know your exact location (street, floor, room).
The dispatchers speak the following languages: English, Spanish,
Dial 911 in the Following Emergencies
  • Fire
  • Acute Medical Emergencies requiring emergency transport to a hospital and on-site life-sustaining assistance.
  • Accidents of any type
  • Crime and violent behavior.
  • Person in trouble

They will immediately send the nearest ambulance, police car or fire trucks to assist you.

Other Emergencies

Arrested by police:
The job of our professional police force is basically "to help people, direct traffic, patrol, manage crowds at parades, provide security solve crimes and to keep the peace". They are trained to try to resolve conflicts and problems by mediation and warnings. They are well trained to help you in any type of emergency or danger.
Thus, it is highly unlikely that you ever will be arrested unless you drive while drinking, get into a drunken brawl, smuggle or deal in drugs, "shoplift" (steal), commit fraud, pass counterfeit money, etc. (See LAWS TO KNOW).
If you are arrested by the police, however, the arresting officer should read your rights to you. At this stage, you should know that you have certain rights including the right to call a lawyer (see LAW FIRMS & LAWYERS) and the right to remain silent until you receive legal counsel. They then will take you to the nearest "local precinct" station in their "squad car" and the arresting officer will "book you" (register the criminal complaint).
What happens then depends on the seriousness of the alleged offense. Only a court of law can resolve an arrest warrant. For minor misdemeanors - creating a public disturbance - you will probably be released on your "personal recognizance" or on posting a small bail (sum of money) to guarantee your court appearance. In serious crimes, e.g., assault with a deadly weapon, drug dealing, etc. you will be held in jail until you get a court hearing to determine under what conditions, if any, you will be released prior to trial.

Lost and found, see LOST PROPERTY.

Need to replace stolen or lost documents, see LOST PROPERTY.

No money, no food, no place to stay, see TRAVELER'S AID AND TRAVELER'S INFORMATION.


Psychological Help, see MEDICAL EMERGENCIES.

Legal Assistance: see LAW FIRMS & LAWYERS.

Social Assistance (Hunger,Homeless,Mental Illnesses,Assisted Living) , see SOCIAL AND HUMAN SERVICES.

Victim Of a Crime (5 listings total)

Arson Hotline

Confidential hotline to report information about arson (setting of fires) to the FDNY's Arson Investigation Unit.
Hotline 718-722-3600

Police Emergencies

Police department emergency number for victims of a crime or to report an accident or crime in progress. CALL 911.

Rape Hotline

Emergencies 212-227-3000

Rape Hotline - New York

New York NY 10001 Tel 212-267-7273

Sex Crimes Reports

Emergencies 212-267-7273

Medical Emergencies (5 listings total)

Drug Abuse

Emergencies 800-395-3400

Emergency Medical Service (EMS)

If you need an ambulance, call 911. AT&T Language Line available for languages other than English.
Main Office 718-999-2770

New York Medical

Tel 212-652-5858

Physicians on Call

Licensed doctors come to your door (or hotel room) for a fee; usually 2 hours from phone call to completion of visit. If you would like to see a doctor soon without going to an Hospital Emergency Room. Not for life-threatening emergencies.
Tel 718-238-2100

Suicide Prevention

Tel 212-673-3000

Dental Emergencies (2 listings total)

Dental Emergencies

Referral to 24 hour per day dental clinic.
Emergencies 212-677-2510

Dental Help

Tel 212-286-0716

Lost Person (4 listings total)

Hospital Patient Location Information

Information 718-416-7000

Report Missing Persons

Tel 212-447-2998

Runaway Hotline

National Number: 1-800-621-4000.
Emergencies 212-966-8000

Psychological Help Lines (3 listings total)

Gamblers Anonymous

Clients call the main number to get info on meeting places and times.
Tel 877-664-2469


Tel 212-995-5824

Emergency Help Hotlines (19 listings total)

Battered Women

For women seeking help and refuge from an abusive relationship and domestic violence
Emergencies 800-942-6906

Child Abuse

Use this hotline to report suspected or observed cases of child abuse by family or caregivers.
Child Abuse Hotline 800-342-3720

Domestic Violence

Emergencies 800-621-4673

Runaway Hotline

Emergencies 212-966-8000

Health Hotlines (2 listings total)

Aids Hotline

Tel 800-825-5448
TTY Line ( Deaf ): 212-676-2388

Department for the Aging NYC

Provides information about services for the elderly, resources for caregivers and various programs to help the elderly financially.
2 LaFayette St., CivicCenter NY 10007 Fax 212-442-9400
Information: 212-442-1000; Main Office: 212-442-1322
TTY Line ( Deaf ): 212-442-3078; Website: ci.nyc.ny.us

Animal Bites (1 listings total)

Animal Bites

Emergencies 212-676-2483

Poison Control (1 listings total)

Poison Control

Emergencies 212-340-4494

Sex Crimes and Counseling (5 listings total)

Gay and Lesbian Switchboard

Information 212-989-0999

Rape Hotline

Emergencies 212-227-3000

Rape Hotline - New York

New York NY 10001 Tel 212-267-7273

Sex Crimes Reports

Emergencies 212-267-7273

www.xris.com - hotlines

Information on hotlines for male victims of sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse.
Website: xris.com

Suicide Prevention (2 listings total)

Suicide Prevention

Tel 212-673-3000

Suicide Prevention Hot Line

Tel 718-389-9608
Tel: 800-543-3638

Victims Of Crimes (4 listings total)

Crime Victim's Hotline

24 hour Spanish and English counseling and referral for victims of crime.
Tel 212-577-7777

Crime Victims Board of NYS

If you are a victim of a crime, this office can help with money and out of pocket medical expenses.
270 Broadway, Financial District NY 10007 Tel 212-417-5160

Lesbian and Gay Anti-Violence Project

NYC Anti-Violence Project (AVP) is a crime victims agency responding to the needs of the gay, lesbian and transgender community.
240 W. 35th St., Fashion District NY 10001 Tel 212-807-6761
Fax: 212-807-0197; E-mail: info@avp.org
Website: avp.org

Rape Hotline

New York NY 10001 Tel 212-267-7273

Confidential Hotlines (2 listings total)

Reporting Police Malfeasance (1 listings total)

Civilian Complaint Review Board

This Board accepts and reviews cases of malfeasance by police offices (e.g., use of excessive forces, asking for gifts, alleged criminal behavior by police officers, etc).
40 Rector St., Financial District NY Tel 311
Tel: 800-341-2272; TTY Line ( Deaf ): 212-504-4115
Website: nyc.gov

City Council Hotline

Take your complaints to an elected official.
Information 212-788-7127

Consumer Fraud (2 listings total)

Better Business Bureau

New York New York The Better Business Bureau provides reliability reports on businesses and charities to the general public. These reports are available on-line or through the mail. To order a report or file a complaint by phone, call 212-533-6200 between 8:30am and 7pm Mo-Fr. For a report, there is a flat rate charge of $3.80 that is chargeable to a major credit card. For immediate information, call 900-CALLBBB for automated service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is a charge of $3.80 for the first four minutes, and $.95 a minute for each additional minute, not to exceed $9.50. Website has a visitors guide to NYC w/info on electronics stores scams, refund rights, street vendors & helpful phone numbers.
257 Park Ave. So., Gramercy Park NY 10010 Credit Card Services 212-533-6200
Fax: 212-477-4912; Toll-Free: 800-697-1200
Tel: 212-533-7500; Website: newyork.bbb.org

Consumer Affairs, Department of

Handles complaints about NYC businesses who attempt to defraud or mislead customers. Number for Chinese speakers is (212) 487-4488 and the phone number for Korean speakers is (718) 286-2996.
42 Broadway, Financial District NY 10004 Information 212-487-4444
Spanish Speaking: 212-487-4481; TDD for Hearing Impaired: 212-487-4465
Website: nyc.gov

Sanitation Problems (2 listings total)

City Sanitation

For problems with trash pick-up by NYC Sanitation Department or by private trash removal services. Please call 311 within NYC, or 212-NEW-YORK outside the city.
Website: ci.nyc.ny.us

Health and Management, Department of

To make a complaint about an unclean, unhealthy condition (in restaurants, health clubs, pet shops, swimming pools, and other public places).
Tel 212-639-9675
Tel: 311; Website: nyc.gov

Housing Authority

Provides housing for low and moderate-income residents within the 5 boroughs - includes section 8 housing. Link to contact numbers for departments.
250 Broadway, CivicCenter NY 10007 Information 212-306-3000
TTY Line ( Deaf ): 212-306-4445; Website: ci.nyc.ny.us

Potholes/Sidewalk Holes (NYC Dept of Transporation)

The public can report a pothole by calling The New York City Department of Transportation (DOT). DOT's operators ask you whether the pothole is a dangerous one,
24Hrs / 7 Days 212-225-5368
Website: ci.nyc.ny.us
In case of life-threatening conditions and medical crises like serious bleeding, and other major medical crises, immediately contact New York House Call Doctor in Manhattan and Brooklyn . This leading medical house call service offers comprehensive medical care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in your house or office. The medical help include immediate assessment and medical treatment, focused physical exams, diagnostic tests, and medical prescriptions for adults and children. All medical care and diagnostics are provided by experienced and skilled doctors in a personalized and comfortable home and family setting. The house call emergency care is the reliable resource of medical emergency help for families with children, physically challenged and senior citizens of Manhattan and Brooklyn.