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Police Department in New York

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The police in New York City (and in the USA in general) are well trained, honest, helpful and enjoy the respect of most of the population. In addition, there are special departments within the police department such as the Mounted Police (on horses) for crowd control, police helicopters, K-9 units with dogs, etc. There are uniformed police (blue) and "plain-clothes" non-uniform police detectives as well as "undercover" police who dress or act so as to blend in with a group of people. There are special police for the subway system (Transit Police) and for public housing developments (Housing Police). Parking regulations and traffic are often carried out by unarmed Traffic Wardens.

The famous 911 number
For fire, crime or life-threatening emergency, you should

dial   911   free on any phone

When you call 911, you will get an trained dispatcher who will ask you to describe the type and location of the emergency so he/she can dispatch the police, an ambulance and/or fire fighters - whatever is needed. You should know the address if possible of where you are calling from - this will help the dispatcher to send the closest possible unit to help you.
TYPTip: Only dial 911 in the event of a real emergency- to stop a crime or save a life or report a fire.

Contacting the police for non-emergencies. For non-emergencies, call or visit the nearest police precinct. Most are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The New York City Police Department (NYPD) is divided into "precincts" which are responsible for a specific geographical area. Following is a list of the New York City police precincts in each of the five boroughs (listed by borough):

Other Law Enforcement Agencies.
While each city, county or incorporated town may have its own police force, there are several other important law enforcement agencies in NYC.
See GOVERNMENT - Branches of National in Local City , CUSTOMS, and CITY GOVENMENT.

Police Department
One Police Plaza 374-5000
Internet www.ci.nyc.ny.us/nypd

Police Department Headquarters (2 listings total)

Police Information Operator--Manhattan Headquarters

1 Police Plaza, Tel 212-374-5000
Website: ci.nyc.ny.us

Precinct Location Service

Tel 212-374-5000

Police Precincts in New York (2 listings total)

102nd Precinct

Patrols neighborhoods: Kew Gardens, Richmond Hill, Woodhaven and northern Ozone Park.
87 --34 118th St., Queens NY 11418 Richmond Hill, Detective Squad 718-805-3212
Information: 718-805-3200; Community Affairs: 718-805-3215
Crime Prevention: 718-805-3217; Website: nyc.gov

Central Park Precinct

Covers the area of Central Park.
Central Park NY 10024 86th St & Transverse Rd., Community Affairs 212-570-4842
Detective Squad: 212-570-4836; Information: 212-570-4820
Website: nyc.gov

New York City Police (24 listings total)

01st Precinct

Patrol covers City Hall, World Trade Center, Battery Park City and Wall Street.
16 Erricson Pl., Tribeca NY 10013 Detective Squad 212-334-0635
Information: 212-334-0611; Community Affairs: 212-334-0640
Crime Prevention: 212-334-0603; Website: nyc.gov

05th Precinct

Covers Little Italy, Chinatown and Brooklyn Bridge areas
19 Elizabeth St., Chinatown NY 10013 Detective Squad 212-334-0742
Information: 212-334-0711; Community Affairs: 212-334-0726
Crime Prevention: 212-334-0727; Website: nyc.gov

06th Precinct

Patrols area bordered by W. Houston to W. 14th St. between Hudson River and Broadway
233 W. 10th St., West Village NY 10014 Detective Squad 212-741-4841
Information: 212-741-4811; Community Affairs: 212-741-4826
Crime Prevention: 212-741-4827; Website: nyc.gov

07th Precinct

Patrols area bordered by Allen St. to E. Houston over to the East River
19 Pitt St., Lower East Side NY 10002 Detective Squad 212-477-7671
Information: 212-477-7311; Community Affairs: 212-477-7301
Crime Prevention: 212-477-7310; Website: nyc.gov

09th Precinct

Patrols area bordered by E Houston St. and E. 14th St, between East River and Broadway
130 Avenue C, East Village NY 10002 Detective Squad 212-477-7809
Information: 212-477-7811; Community Affairs: 212-477-7826
Crime Prevention: 212-477-7835; Website: nyc.gov

100th Precinct

Patrols area of Queens neighborhoods: Breezy Point, Broad Channel, Neponsit, Rockaway Park.
92-24 Rockaway Beach Blvd., Queens, Detective Squad 718-318-4221
Information: 718-318-4200; Community Affairs: 718-318-4233
Crime Prevention: 718-318-4236

101st Precinct

Patrols eastern end of Rockaway Peninsula.
16 --12 Mott Ave. , Far Rockaway NY 11691 Detective Squad 718-868-3428
Information: 718-868-3400; Community Affairs: 718-868-3441
Crime Prevention: 718-868-3426; Website: nyc.gov

10th Precinct

Covers Chelsea Piers, Fur District and Circle Line tours.
230 W. 20th St., Chelsea NY 10011 Detective Squad 212-741-8245
Information: 212-741-8211; Community Affairs: 212-741-8226
Website: nyc.gov

13th Precinct

Patrol covers Peter Cooper/Stuyvesant Town residential park and Gramercy Park.
230 E. 21st St., Stuyvesant NY 10010 Detective Squad 212-477-7444
Information: 212-477-7411; Community Affairs: 212-477-7427
Website: nyc.gov

17th Precinct

Covers E. 30 to E. 59th Sts. and Lexington to East River
167 E. 51st St., Midtown NY 10017 Detective Squad 212-826-3206
Information: 212-826-3211; Community Affairs: 212-826-3228
Crime Prevention: 212-826-3224

19th Precinct

Covers E. 59th to E. 96th Sts. and 5th Ave to East River
153 E. 67th St., Lenox Hill NY 10021 Detective Squad 212-452-0635
Information: 212-452-0600; Community Affairs: 212-452-0613
Crime Prevention: 212-452-0630; Website: nyc.gov

20th Precinct

Covers W. 59th to W. 86th Sts and Central Park West to Hudson River.
120 W. 82nd St., Upper West Side NY 10024 Detective Squad 212-580-6414
Information: 212-580-6411; Community Affairs: 212-580-6428
Crime Prevention: 212-580-6421; Website: nyc.gov

23rd Precinct

Patrols area bordered by E. 96th St to E. 115th St. between 5th Ave. and the Harlem River.
162 E. 102nd St., East Harlem NY 10029 Detective Squad 212-860-6441
Information: 212-860-6411; Community Affairs: 212-860-6430
Website: nyc.gov

24th Precinct

Patrol covers Manhattan Valley area.
151 W. 100th St., Manhattan Valley NY 10025 Detective Squad 212-678-1863
Information: 212-678-1811; Community Affairs: 212-678-1803
Crime Prevention: 212-678-1850; Website: nyc.gov

25th Precinct

Patrols area bordered by E. 115 St to 5th Ave. and Harlem River
120 E. 119th St., East Harlem NY 10035 Detective Squad 212-860-6536
Information: 212-860-6511; Community Affairs: 212-860-6526
Crime Prevention: 212-860-6519; Website: nyc.gov

26th Precinct

Patrols area bordered by W. 113rd St. to W. 141 St. between Hudson River and Amsterdam Ave.
520 W. 126th St., Manhattanville NY 10027 Detective Squad 212-678-1351
Information: 212-678-1311; Community Affairs: 212-678-1301
Crime Prevention: 212-678-1330; Website: nyc.gov

28th Precinct

Covers Central Park North to W. 127th St and 5th Ave. to Morningside Ave.
2271 Eighth Ave., Harlem NY 10027 Detective Squad 212-678-1608
Information: 212-678-1611; Community Affairs: 212-678-1622
Crime Prevention: 212-678-1163; Website: nyc.gov

30th Precinct

Patrols area bordered by W. 133rd St to W. 155th St. between Bradhurst Ave and Hudson River
451 W. 151st St., Audubon NY 10028 Detective Squad 212-690-8842
Information: 212-690-8811; Community Affairs: 212-690-8837
Crime Prevention: 212-690-8815; Website: nyc.gov

32nd Precinct

Covers business district on Lenox Ave. and NYC housing complexes.
250 W. 135th St., Harlem NY 10030 Detective Squad 212-690-6315
Information: 212-690-6311; Community Affairs: 212-690-6329
Crime Prevention: 212-690-6320; Website: nyc.gov

33rd Precinct

Patrols area bordered by North of 155th St. to 179th St. from Hudson River to Harlem River Drive.
2207 Amsterdam Ave., Washington Heights NY 10032 Detective Squad 212-927-3780
Information: 212-927-3200; Community Affairs: 212-927-3891
Crime Prevention: 212-927-3894; Website: nyc.gov

34th Precinct

Patrols neighborhoods: North Harlem; Washington Heights and Inwood.
4295 Broadway, Hudson Heights NY 10033 Detective Squad 212-927-0823
Information: 212-927-9711; Community Affairs: 212-927-0287
Crime Prevention: 212-927-0701; Website: nyc.gov

Central Park

Patrols all of Central Park
Transverse Rd., at 86th St., Detective Squad 212-570-4836
Information: 212-570-4820; Community Affairs: 212-570-4842
Crime Prevention: 212-570-4832

Midtown North Precinct

Covers W. 43rd to W. 59th Sts. and 12th Ave. to Lexington Ave, W 45 - E 45 Sts.
306 W. 54th St., Clinton NY 10019 Detective Squad 212-767-8415
Information: 212-767-8400; Community Affairs: 212-767-8447
Crime Prevention: 212-767-8445; Website: nyc.gov

Midtown South Precinct

Covers 29th St. to 40th St. and 9th Ave. to Lexington
357 W. 35th St., Hell's Kitchen NY 10001 Detective Squad 212-239-9856
Information: 212-239-9811; Community Affairs: 212-239-9846
Website: nyc.gov

40th Precinct

Below E. 138th St. through Mott Haven and Melrose.
257 Alex&er Ave, Bronx, Detective Squad 718-402-2383
Information: 718-402-2270; Community Affairs: 718-402-3039
Crime Prevention: 718-402-3180; Website: nyc.gov

41st Precinct

Westchester Ave. and the Bronx River south to the East River.
Bronx NY 10459 1035 Longwood Ave., Bronx, Tel 718-542-4771
Detective Squad: 718-542-5313; Community Affairs: 718-542-7964
Crime Prevention: 718-542-5488; Website: nyc.gov

42nd Precinct

Morrisania section of the Bronx.
Washington St., Brooklyn NY 10452 830 Washington Ave, Bronx, Detective Squad 718-402-5393
Information: 718-402-3887; Community Affairs: 718-402-4471
Crime Prevention: 718-402-5277; Website: nyc.gov

43rd Precinct

Patrols area bordered by Westchester Ave, Castle Hill Ave, White Plains Rd and Parkchester
900 Fteley Ave, Bronx, Detective Squad 718-542-5530
Information: 718-542-0888; Community Affairs: 718-542-6325
Crime Prevention: 718-542-5580; Website: nyc.gov

44th Precinct

Patrols area bordered by Concourse Plaza Mall at 161st St. to Bronx Terminal Market to Yankee Stadium.
Bronx NY 10452 2 East 169th St at Jerome, Detective Squad 718-590-5537
Information: 718-590-5511; Community Affairs: 718-590-5525
Crime Prevention: 718-590-5560; Website: nyc.gov

45th Precinct

Patrols area bordered by East Tremont Ave., Crosby Ave., Westchester Square, Coop City and City Island.
Bronx NY 10465 2877 Barkley Ave, Detective Squad 718-822-5414
Information: 718-822-5411; Community Affairs: 718-822-5449
Crime Prevention: 718-822-5487; Website: nyc.gov

46th Precinct

Patrols area bordered by E. Fordham Rd., Grand Concourse, W. Burnside Ave. and Webster Ave.
Bronx NY 10457 2120 Ryer Ave, Detective Squad 718-220-5202
Information: 718-220-5211; Community Affairs: 718-220-5234
Crime Prevention: 718-220-5207; Website: nyc.gov

47th Precinct

Patrols areas of Woodlawn, Wakefield, Williamsbridge, Olinville and Fishbay.
Bronx NY 10466 4111 Laconia Ave, Detective Squad 718-920-1215
Information: 718-920-1211; Community Affairs: 718-920-1202
Crime Prevention: 718-920-1204; Website: nyc.gov

48th Precinct

Patrols Highbridge, Crotona Park North and Morrisania.
Bronx NY 10457 450 Cross Bronx Expressway, Detective Squad 718-299-4119
Information: 718-299-3900; Community Affairs: 718-299-4522
Crime Prevention: 718-299-3958; Website: nyc.gov

49th Precinct

Patrols area bordered by Hudson River Parkway South to E. Tremont Ave. to Bronx Park East to Hutchinson River Parkway.
2121 Eastchester Rd., Bronx NY 10461 2121 Eastchester Road, Detective Squad 718-918-2038
Information: 718-918-2000; Community Affairs: 718-918-2025
Crime Prevention: 718-918-2026; Website: nyc.gov

50th Precinct

Patrols communities of Woodlawn and Riverdale.
Bronx NY 10463 3450 Kingsbridge Ave, Detective Squad 718-543-6121
Information: 718-543-5700; Community Affairs: 718-543-5978
Crime Prevention: 718-543-5919; Website: nyc.gov

52nd Precinct

Patrols Bedford Park, Fordham, Norwood and University Heights.
Bronx NY 10467 3016 Webster Ave, Detective Squad 718-220-5836
Information: 718-220-5811; Community Affairs: 718-220-5824
Crime Prevention: 718-220-5815; Website: nyc.gov

Nassau County Police (23 listings total)

60th Precinct

Patrols Seagate, Coney Island, Brighton Beach, and Bensonhurst.
2951 West 8th St, Brooklyn, Detective Squad 718-946-3343
Information: 718-946-3311; Community Affairs: 718-946-3328
Crime Prevention: 718-946-3310

61st Precinct

Patrols Manhattan Beach, Sheepshead Bay.
Brooklyn NY 11223 2575 Coney Island Ave,, Detective Squad 718-627-6620
Information: 718-627-6611; Community Affairs: 718-627-6847
Crime Prevention: 718-627-6615; Website: nyc.gov

62nd Precinct

Patrols Bensonhurst.
Brooklyn NY 11214 1925 Bath Ave, Detective Squad 718-236-2502
Information: 718-236-2611; Community Affairs: 718-236-2501
Crime Prevention: 718-236-2519; Website: nyc.gov

63rd Precinct

Patrols Flatbush.
Brooklyn NY 11210 1844 Brooklyn Ave, Detective Squad 718-258-4400
Information: 718-258-4411; Community Affairs: 718-258-4444
Crime Prevention: 718-258-1505; Website: nyc.gov

66th Precinct

Patrols Borough Park.
Brooklyn NY 11218 5822 16th Ave,, Detective Squad 718-851-5602
Information: 718-851-5611; Community Affairs: 718-851-5601
Crime Prevention: 718-851-5628; Website: nyc.gov

67th Precinct

Patrols Clarkson, Bedford, New York and Utica Avenues.
Brooklyn NY 11226 2820 Snyder Ave, Detective Squad 718-287-3225
Information: 718-287-3211; Community Affairs: 718-287-3235
Crime Prevention: 718-287-3236; Website: nyc.gov

68th Precinct

Patrols Verrazano Bridge, Bayridge, along Bell Parkway.
Brooklyn NY 11220 333 65th St, Detective Squad 718-439-4236
Information: 718-439-4211; Community Affairs: 718-439-4228
Crime Prevention: 718-439-4744; Website: nyc.gov

69th Precinct

Patrols Canarsie.
9720 Foster Ave, Brooklyn, Tel 718-257-6211
Detective Squad: 718-237-6306; Crime Prevention: 718-237-6205

70th Precinct

Patrols Coney Island.
154 Lawrence Ave, Brooklyn, Detective Squad 718-851-5553
Information: 718-851-5511; Community Affairs: 718-851-5557
Crime Prevention: 718-851-5514; Website: nyc.gov

71st Precinct

Patrols Kingston, Nostrand and Flatbush Avenues.
421 Empire Boulevard, Brooklyn, Detective Squad 718-735-0500
Information: 718-735-0511; Community Affairs: 718-735-0527
Crime Prevention: 718-735-0528; Website: nyc.gov

72nd Precinct

Patrols the Sunset Park and Windsor Terrace communities.
830 4th Ave, Brooklyn, Detective Squad 718-965-6336
Information: 718-965-6311; Community Affairs: 718-965-6326
Crime Prevention: 718-965-6354; Website: nyc.gov

73rd Precinct

Patrols Oceanhill and Brownsville.
1470 East New York Ave, Brooklyn, Detective Squad 718-495-5425
Information: 718-495-5411; Community Affairs: 718-495-5422
Crime Prevention: 718-495-5509

75th Precinct

Patrols Cypress Hill, Starrett City and the city line.
Detective Squad 718-827-3547
Information: 718-827-3511; Community Affairs: 718-827-3553
Crime Prevention: 718-827-3524

76th Precinct

Patrols Red Hook, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill and Gowanus neighborhoods.
191 Union St, Brooklyn, Detective Squad 718-834-3240
Information: 718-834-3211; Community Affairs: 718-834-3207
Crime Prevention: 718-834-3204

77th Precinct

Patrols Crown Heights, Prospect Heights and Weeksville.
127 Utica Ave, Brooklyn, Detective Squad 718-735-0610
Information: 718-735-0611; Community Affairs: 718-735-0634
Crime Prevention: 718-735-0653

78th Precinct

Patrols Park Slope.
65 6th Ave, Brooklyn, Detective Squad 718-636-6485
Information: 718-636-6411; Community Affairs: 718-636-6410
Crime Prevention: 718-636-6478

79th Precinct

Patrols Bedford-Stuyvesant.
263 Tompkins Ave, Brooklyn, Detective Squad 718-636-6655
Information: 718-636-6611; Community Affairs: 718-636-6626
Crime Prevention: 718-636-6605

81st Precinct

Patrols Stuyvesant Heights.
30 Ralph Ave, Brooklyn, Detective Squad 718-574-0455
Information: 718-574-0411; Community Affairs: 718-574-0433
Crime Prevention: 718-574-0450

83rd Precinct

Patrols Bushwick, Ridgewood and Williamsburg.
480 Knickerbocker Ave, Brooklyn, Detective Squad 718-574-1796
Information: 718-574-1605; Community Affairs: 718-574-1697
Crime Prevention: 718-574-1736

84th Precinct

Patrols Brooklyn Heights, Boerum Hill, Vinegar Hill and Farragut.
301 Gold St, Brooklyn, Detective Squad 718-875-6687
Information: 718-875-6811; Community Affairs: 718-875-6850
Crime Prevention: 718-875-6363

88th Precinct

Patrols Clinton Hill and Fort Greene.
298 Classon Ave, Brooklyn, Detective Squad 718-636-6547
Information: 718-636-6511; Community Affairs: 718-636-6526
Crime Prevention: 718-636-6550

90th Precinct

Patrols mainly the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn.
211 Union Square, Brooklyn, Detective Squad 718-963-5368
Information: 718-963-5311; Community Affairs: 718-963-5309
Crime Prevention: 718-963-7427

94th Precinct

Patrols Manhattan, Graham, Bedford and Nassau Avenues.
100 Messerole Ave, Brooklyn, Tel 718-383-3879
Detective Squad: 718-383-8495; Community Affairs: 718-383-5298
Crime Prevention: 718-383-3098

103rd Precinct

Patrols neighborhoods: Downtown Jamaica, Hollis Park Gardens, Hollis and Lakewood.
168 --02 91st Ave, Queens NY 11432 Detective Squad 718-657-8220
Information: 718-657-8181; Community Affairs: 718-657-8195
Crime Prevention: 718-657-8197; Website: nyc.gov

104th Precinct

Patrols neighborhoods: Ridgewood, Middle Village and Maspeth.
64-2 Catalpa Ave., Queens, Detective Squad 718-368-4373
Information: 718-386-3004; Community Affairs: 718-368-2431
Crime Prevention: 718-368-2391

105th Precinct

Patrol neighborhoods: Queens Village, Rosedale, Bellrose, New Hyde Park and Floral Park.
Detective Squad 718-776-9252
Information: 718-776-9090; Community Affairs: 718-776-9173
Crime Prevention: 718-776-9207

106th Precinct

Patrols 103rd Ave. to Van Wyck Expressway.
130 --51 101st St. , Queens NY 11417 Detective Squad 718-845-2260
Information: 718-845-2211; Community Affairs: 718-845-2228
Crime Prevention: 718-845-2223

107th Precinct

Patrols areas of northern Queens.
186 --01 73rd Ave., Fresh Meadows NY 11365 Detective Squad 718-969-6844
Information: 718-969-5100; Community Affairs: 718-969-5973
Crime Prevention: 718-969-5998

108th Precinct

Patrols areas of Long Island City, Sunnyside, and Woodside.
5 --47 50th Ave. , Long Island City NY 11105 Detective Squad 718-784-5441
Information: 718-784-5411; Community Affairs: 718-784-5420
Crime Prevention: 718-784-5404

109th Precinct

Patrols downtown Flushing, Bay Terrace, Queensboro Hill and College Point.
37-05 Union St, Flushing, Queens, Detective Squad 718-321-2294
Information: 718-321-2250; Community Affairs: 718-321-2269
Crime Prevention: 718-321-3370

110th Precinct

Patrols areas of Corona and Elmhurst.
91-41 43rd Ave., Elmhurst, Queens, Detective Squad 718-476-9317
Information: 718-476-9311; Community Affairs: 718-476-9310
Crime Prevention: 718-476-9309

111th Precinct

Patrol area covers Bayside, Douglaston, Little Neck and Fresh Meadows.
45-06 215th St, Bayside, Queens, Detective Squad 718-279-5282
Information: 718-279-5200; Community Affairs: 718-279-5295
Crime Prevention: 718-279-5215

112th Precinct

Patrol area covers Forest Hills and Rego Park
68 --40 Austin St., Forest Hills NY Detective Squad 718-520-9250
Information: 718-520-9311; Community Affairs: 718-520-9321
Crime Prevention: 718-520-9319

113th Precinct

Patrol area covers southeastern Jamaica.
167 --02 BaisleySt., Jamaica NY 11434 Detective Squad 718-712-2097
Information: 718-712-7733; Community Affairs: 718-712-6344
Crime Prevention: 718-712-1780

114th Precinct

Patrol covers Astoria and Jackson Heights.
34-15 Astoria Boulevard, Queens, Detective Squad 718-626-9334
Information: 718-626-9311; Community Affairs: 718-626-9327
Crime Prevention: 718-626-9324

115th Precinct

Patrol covers LGA Airport, E. Elmhurst and N. Corona.
92-15 Northern Boulevard, Queens, Detective Squad 718-533-2039
Information: 718-533-2002; Community Affairs: 718-533-2010
Crime Prevention: 718-533-2052

Countypolice5 (3 listings total)

120th Precinct

patrols North shore of Staten Island above expressway.
78 Richmond Terrace, Staten Isl&, Detective Squad 718-981-2714
Information: 718-676-8500; Community Affairs: 718-876-8497
Crime Prevention: 718-876-8510

122nd Precinct

2320 Hylan Boulevard, New Dorp, NY, Information 718-667-2211

123rd Precinct

Patrol area covers south shore of Staten Island.
116 Main St, Staten Island, Tel 718-948-9311

Transit Police (1 listings total)

Manhattan South Division

District 1
10 Columbus Circle, Lincoln Center NY Tel 212-581-6447

Correction, Department Of

60 Hudson St., Tribeca NY 10013 Tel 212-266-1000
Website: nyc.gov

Property Clerks (5 listings total)


216 East 161st, Tel 718-590-2806


301 Gold, Tel 718-875-6675


1 Police Plaza, Tel 212-374-4925


47 --07 Pearson Pl., Queens NY 11101 Tel 718-433-2678

Staten Island

1 Edgewater Plaza, Tel 718-876-8484

Housing Police (1 listings total)

Housing Bureau

This is the Office for the Housing Police and for the Chief of Housing.
1 Police Plaza, Tel 212-374-5548